About Nusret Çolpan

Nusret Çolpan (born October 1, 1952 in Bandirma, Istanbul on May 31, 2008), Turkish miniature artist and architect completed primary and secondary education in Bandirma. Later, he completed Zincirlikuyu Vocational Lisesi in Istanbul and Yıldız Faculty of Architecture. In these years, Professor at Istanbul University Medical History Institute. Dr. A. Süheyl Ünver and Azade Akar took Turkish lessons from Turkish Decorative Arts and began to work on miniatures.

Matrakçı Nasuh, who lived in the Kanuni period, influenced the named artist very much. By taking advantage of the discipline and vision that the architect has earned, the miniature has brought a unique line and color. However, he did this by following the general principles of the miniature product. The artist has opened various exhibitions both at home and abroad and participated in the exhibitions.